Conor participating in his personalised programme focused on personal and life skills development, Norfolk.

Conor participating in his personalised programme focused on personal and life skills development, Norfolk.

“Since Conor started at Lapwing his speech has improved and he is now a happy and confident young man which is a real pleasure to see.  Every experience Conor has with Lapwing is one he looks forward to and the transition has helped him improve in so many areas.  The people he works with are everything to him; the person-centred approach works best for Conor.  So far Lapwing has been the only placement that Conor has had where there has been any real progress, and this has given us hope for the future.  I am most grateful and feel happy that my son is in good hands with people that care a great deal.”

- Julie (mother of Conor, post 16 student)

Matt, 17 years old, has made significant progress on a bespoke Lapwing programme.

Matt, 17 years old, has made significant progress on a bespoke Lapwing programme.

I think I’ve moved on a great deal, due especially to the great bespoke course set up for me by Lapwing. My confidence has greatly increased during my time on this course. My tutor is unique and we get along well. I can’t thank them enough.
— Richard, 20 years old, reflecting on his bespoke programme.

Post-16 programmes

We deliver bespoke 1:1 and 2:1 programmes to students aged 16 to 25 years old who have an Education, Health and Care Plan and who are unable to access or maintain a conventional college or sixth form placement due to complex needs.

Lapwing’s bespoke post 16 programmes are highly personalised with students typically working towards personal development goals as well as academic targets.  The personal development is often focused on developing independence, gaining life skills and making the transition to adulthood and/or employment.  All our non-accredited programmes have embedded functional literacy and numeracy and are regularly monitored and reviewed to track student progress using RARPA.  Some programmes will also focus on securing accredited qualifications such as City and Guilds functional skills in English, mathematics and ICT; an Arts Award; AQA Unit Awards and may involve vocational learning with supported work experience.  All students have an Individual Learning Plan and make excellent progress against the outcomes identified in their EHCPs.

We have a comprehensive initial assessment process and a range of therapeutic interventions available to support the delivery of our education programmes.

Read some of our post 16 case studies below.

Matt, 17 years old.

Matt has a mild general learning difficulty and a poor working memory.  Most significantly Matt has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and this affects his social skills, communication and anxiety levels.

Matt was unable to access college and therefore a Lapwing bespoke programme, consisting of three 1:1 sessions totalling 9 hours per week, was commissioned.  It was mainly based in the home and designed for Matt to continue working on his literacy and numeracy development, while also pursuing a vocational qualification in Level 1 Business Logistics.  Throughout the 1:1 sessions Lapwing focused on Matt’s personal development in terms of his communication, confidence, social interactions and resilience.

Through dedicated tutoring and coaching, Matt made significant progress and achieved Functional Skills qualifications in maths and English and also Level 1 Business Logistics.  Work experience and community based visits were used to develop his independence and confidence outside his structured routine so he can realistically aspire to a career in agriculture or logistics.

‘The Lapwing tutor is a great match for Matt and the understanding he has shown has started to restore Matt’s confidence in education. This will go a long way to helping Matt to finally reach his potential’ (Matt’s parents).

Matt - full case study



Richard, 20 years old.

Richard has a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder and specific learning difficulties affecting his communication, socialisation and anxiety, as well as his literacy and numeracy capabilities.  A Lapwing programme was commissioned to help bridge the gap for Richard to progress from college into the real world of adulthood and potential employment.

Richard’s programme consisted of three 1:1 tutoring and mentoring sessions per week (eleven hours) mainly based in the community – libraries, hired kitchens and supported work placements including at a café and museum.  Richard attained maths and English Functional Skills qualifications, practical catering skills and experienced the work environment with support.  With Lapwing staff alongside, Richard focused on developing his functional literacy and numeracy in the work place and his overall employability, significantly improving his communication, confidence, social interactions and resilience as a learner and as a young adult within the wider world. This has enabled Richard to take meaningful steps towards independence and future employment enrolling on a supported internship in September 2018.

Richard - full case study